What to wear valentines edition!

What to wear valentines edition!

february 02, 2018

Valentines edition!

Oh February! A love hate month. Filled with so many opinions, emotional sports enthusiast, A-list award shows shenanigans and all the lovers in love. This is a time of reforming and breaking away from the winter hues. Ready to soak up sunshine, wearing your brightest colored outfits and layering on the red lipstick, you never know where you might find a hand to hold or a smooch or two :) Honestly though who doesn't love a good romance? Well it all starts with the perfect outfit! Valentines day is a day where love is celebrated, whether that be a love between friends, family or your significant other. We all have a love worth expressing, so make sure you look your best whilst you do it.

Woman's Style

You can't go wrong with reds and light pink but just don't match everything to your dress tone, accessorize! Have fun with your style and pair it with something daring, it will go a long way. The Sara is flattering and floral but best of all it is versatile, you can wear this spunky dress pretty much anywhere and look absolutely amazing. This dress does an amazing job at high lightening your figure but gives you a sweet look too. Pair it with the black pumps Romi and add a layer of sophistication to your outfit.

Women's Shoes
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Dress for the occasion, be it for a dinner date or friendly gathering, you should look stunning firstly for yourself, then so others can stare. Nowadays you can get away with a lot of daring outfit decisions but there are some fashion mistakes you might want to avoid on this daring day, such as wearing shorts to a dinner but if you are into edgy outfits, you could wear a crop top with a skirt like the Kozma two piece set. The black leather will have everyone looking both ways before they cross you, plus its just absolutely stunning. Valentines does not mean you have to conform, on the contrary stand out, break away from the red and pink, rebel with the perfect velvet dress Kathi and surprise your valentines with a blue velvet take on the holiday. The dress is flattering and in a sea of girly tones, your style will be felt, beside didn't someone once say blue is the warmest color?

Men's style

Boys we didn't forget about you, we know you need to look sharp too and we have just the thing! Don't be scared to introduce color to your cool monochromatic modern style. Valentine's day is all about bright colors and expression so do just that and your lady will fall straight in love. Ever heard of love at first sight? Has it ever happened to you? No, that Is probably because you don't own these red hot dress pants! The Orion seems like a bit much but when paired properly with a nice laid back grey button down like our fancy Aston and classic black dress shoes. Complete this look by grabbing the Airton and I guarantee you've never felt more handsome. If you want a more classic look, you can't go wrong with jeans like the Enile since never fail, especially when you match it with a light pink button down and use the casual Mauro sneakers to vamp up your fresh look. All you need now is a cherry on top.

Men's Clothes
Men's Shoes

Enjoy the day, no matter what !

Boyfriend / girlfriend or not, don't forget about everyone else! You're not alone. Consider yourself lucky to be surrounded by any the unconditional love you have, even if they have paws and a tail. Grab the nearest bow tie or make a tiny flower and look how nice they clean up! You got a hot date with your furry friend! Point is, get dolled up, wear that dress, eat all the chocolate,sip some champagne and give yourself some love, maybe new shoes or two! Valentine's does not judge, it rejoices when any type of love is adored, wither you celebrate Valentine’s Day or Galantine’s Day, spending the holidays with friends is like having endless mimosas at brunch, a gift that keeps on giving. So please put on a dress (or your best button down and kicks guys), twirl that hair, pair your outfit with high heels, red lips and just be unapologetically you! Don't forget to snap a selfie and tag #SDRFASHION

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