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Historias de exito Ana - Testimoniales

Ana C. - Representante Independiente desde 2004

Intima Hogar is an excellent company and everything it sells is of great quality. I have nearly paid my house and upgraded my car. I am an independent saleswoman, Diamond, and I recommend the product to everyone. Thank you Intima Hogar for making me happy.

Historias de exito Luisa - Testimoniales

Luisa B. Representante Independiente desde 2007

With Intima I have economic freedom; I can count on my earnings, the more I sell the more I earn. I set my own sales goals. Intima allows me to spend more time with my family; I don’t have a set office schedule. I have achieved my dreams of traveling more. I get more enjoyment out of life more. I’m my own boss.

Historias de exito Rosa - Testimoniales

Rosa C. Representante Independiente desde 2007

The benefits have been stupendous since I’m able to work from home. I set my own schedule; I’m able to enjoy my kids more as well as my time. Thanks to God and the opportunity that Intima offers I’m a great entrepreneur. I have been able to buy the house of my dreams and I continue to help my children with their education, so they too can develop as professionals. I am completely blessed.

Historias de exito Vanessa - Testimoniales

Vanessa V. Representante Independiente desde 2011

Intima Hogar has helped me to make my dreams come true of having my own business. I choose this company because it has very good quality products and the best customer service. Intima Hogar has proven that I can count on them to achieve my goals. I would recommend Intima Hogar 100%.

Historias de exito Dulce - Testimoniales

Dulce de L. Representante Independiente desde 2013

The benefit is not just being independent, but also having control of my finances, and the most important is to have the time to share with my family. My lifestyle has changed since I sell the products of Intima Hogar. I am now a successful saleswoman and motivator of other women. Thank you Intima Hogar for helping me achieve my goals.

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Success Stories