Mi Circulo - programa de Referidos
Mi Circulo

Earn More Money!

Presenting us to your Contacts and Friends

With this special referral program, you will be able to initiate your very own circle of people that will help you earn more money, while they increase their own income. Take advantage, you can be part of this successful system!

With intima, having friends pays

Don't Forget


in bonuses on every referal that joins intima


You also
earns 2%

in bonuses on every sale from the referrals of your direct referrals

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Look at these examples

Mi Circulo Tu


You provided us with 2 effective referrals.

Mi Circulo Luisa


Luisa purchased $400 dollars, $400 x 8% = $32 Luisa provided us with 1 effective referral

Mi Circulo Tu


Luz purchased $300 dollars $300 x 2% = $6


Mi Circulo Maria


Maria Purchased $550 dollars $550 x 8% = $44 Maria provided us with 1 effective referral

Mi Circulo Ana


Ana purchased $700 dollars $700 x 2% = $14

Let's review how much you earn in bonuses:

$32 + $44+ $6 + $14 =$96

is the bonus amount that you could have available for your next purchase.

Do the math! The more referrals you provide, the greater your earnings will be without the work of additional sales.